A faster, better way to take and monitor temperature.

ActivAngel is the simplest, easiest, and most intelligent way to continuously monitor temperatures for your entire family. Measure one child’s temperature or the whole family’s, all with a single tap on your phone or tablet. Real-time alerts keep you informed if a temperature gets too high - or too low. And ActivAngel is comfortable and long-lasting enough to use for an hour, a day, or a week.

Instant readings, accurately.

What good is a thermometer if you can’t trust it? ActivAngel uses the most accurate and efficient temperature sensors available to provide you with peace of mind.
A single tap is all it takes to see the current temperature. No accounts to set up or passwords to remember - it just works. Instantly.

Wear it and forget it.

Small, thin, and lightweight, ActivAngel is comfortable enough to wear for days at a time. Medical grade adhesive patches are safe for even the most delicate and sensitive skin.

More than one fever? We've got you covered.

Any parent knows that if one child gets sick, there’s a good chance the others will too. With multiple ActivAngels, you can check in on everyone’s temperatures at a glance, all at once.


ActivAngel will alert you to changes in temperature so you know immediately if there’s a problem.

Contionous monitoring and tracking

Interactive graphs make it simple to see trends, and you can easily share temperature data with family members, caregivers, or your doctor.

Rechargeable and long lasting

ActivAngel’s long-lasting built-in battery lasts for up to two weeks on a charge and can be quickly and easily recharged using any standard phone or tablet charger.


Fast and Accurate Temperature Monitoring

Temperature is measured every second, continuously, and is calibrated to 0.1°C accuracy.

No Accounts or Passwords

No need to create an account or remember yet another password. Temperature readings appear instantly in the ActivAngel app.

Medical Grade Patches

High-quality, long-lasting, medical grade patches are comfortable and safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.

No Buttons or Controls

A simple tap turns ActivAngel on, and it goes to sleep when it’s not in use. No switches, dials, or controls to figure out.


Built-in rechargeable battery charges quickly and lasts for up to 2 weeks.

How it works?

1. Plug included cable into ActivAngel

2. Plug cable into USB port on charger / computer

3. Charge for at least 20 minutes; charge 2 hours for a full charge

1. Prepare patch and place ActivAngel

2. Place patch on patient

3. Tap to activate

1. Download app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

2. Launch ActivAngel app

3. Tap Connect ActivAngel

Don't hesitate!

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